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Don't wait years to have your family antiques repaired and brought back to life. Travis completely restored a table for me. It was in bad shape but he made it beautiful. I was very pleased with the quality and service he gives his customers. My small table has been in the family for years going back to my grandmother. I'm so happy it is exactly how it should look. Travis stained it just how I wanted it. He does custom staining and his work is excellent. Thank you so much for giving my table a new look and life.

Nancybeth Kerr

Old Home Craftsman

These craftsmen are great. From rebuilding wooden storm windows to refinishing furniture. Glad we have these fine craftsmen here inBillings.

Nick Reyna

Mark P

I have had several repairs made to desks, doors, and wooden window sills in our building. You would never be able to tell they have been repaired. Wonderful customer service, highly skilled craftsmanship. I will always call Wooden Nickel for any woodworking or repairs in the future.

Mark Prelle
Bureau Of Reclamation

"I was so lucky to get referred to Wooden Nickel by Billings Nursery. Travis did a spectacular job refinishing my grandmother's table and chairs. I still have several projects to take in and would not consider going anywhere else."


"Travis is such a craftsman and a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with Travis on several projects and recommend them to all my clients. You can't go wrong with The Wooden Nickel."

Kyle F
Sales & Design / Customer

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